Young and wrinkle-free? Botox might be for you!

We all want to maintain a soft, smooth face that allows us to naturally express the emotions of life as we age. Starting Botox with an experienced, skilled injector before wrinkles develop can allow your face to look softer and younger longer.

When joy causes us to smile, surprise or worry causes us to furrow our eyebrows, pain causes us to squint our eyes, the skin naturally folds. Repeated and prolonged folding causes wrinkles that make a face appear aged. Botox relaxes the muscles that cause our skin to fold in a way that causes wrinkles.

I spoke with Jami from e Salon and Spa about this idea of using Botox as a way to fend off wrinkles. She sees women in the Treasure Valley benefiting from this strategy and is passionate about its benefits.

One of my first questions was how someone can know if they actually would benefit from using Botox to prevent wrinkles. Jami can help people make faces that engage the muscles that cause creases; for example, an angry face or a pout. Making these faces can help determine how strong those muscles are. If they are strong and cause deep folds, Botox would be beneficial.

Jami also suggested taking note of your “resting face.” Some people furrow their eyebrows in their sleep or pout when they are relaxed. If those facial muscles are working and causing folds, wrinkles will develop more quickly. Using Botox as a preventative measure could be helpful in training those muscles to relax in a wrinkle-free way.

One more helpful decision-making factor is family history. Do older members of your family have the “11” lines in between their eyebrows? Are they working to reverse their crow’s feet? If so, you might benefit from starting Botox now!

Starting Botox early could also save you money. Jami told me that once those lines set in, it can be difficult to reverse them. People can spend more money on treating those wrinkles over time than they would spend on fewer units of Botox to stop the wrinkles from happening.

In 2006 a study was done on a set of twins. One twin received Botox injections on the forehead, the glabellar region (where the “11” lines show up in between eyebrows), and her crow’s feet. She received at least two injections a year for 13 years. The other twin had two injections total over the course of the study. The twin who received regular Botox treatments looked noticeably younger than the twin who did not receive the treatments.

When I first heard of starting Botox injections before the signs of aging appear, I was skeptical. My opinion has absolutely changed after learning more from Jami and others

who have seen this work!

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Written By: Laura Smith