Why buy products at a salon


Hair products are an important tool in achieving the look that we want. While it can be
convenient to toss hair products into our cart at the grocery store, the benefits of buying
hair products at a salon can be just as significant as which product you choose!

Your stylist has spent time getting to know your look as they artfully color and cut your
hair. The stylist is invested in your look and knows your hair. They know if you should
choose a gel or a mousse or which shampoo is right for your hair.
After a cut and highlight at e salon and medspa I was walked to the lobby and my
stylist showed me which products she had used and explained why. The product that I
bought that day has become a staple of my beauty routine because it fits my hair
perfectly. It makes sense, as I had already seen the product working on my hair and an
expert had helped me choose it!

I appreciate the knowledge that a salon can share with me, as I am the type of person
who buys a product on a whim during a trip to the store, tries it, doesn’t like the result,
and then stores it in a box under the sink with a multitude of other disappointing
products. Gone are those days!

Not only are you more likely to walk away with a product that works for your hair when
you buy at a salon, but the product will be better!

The products that your salon chooses to stand behind are made with quality ingredients
and come from brands with high standards that produce better results. Also, products
sold at a salon are more concentrated, which means that the bottle will last longer.

One final and important reason to buy your products at an authorized salon is that when
you do, you know that what you are buying is the real thing, hasn’t been diluted, isn’t
expired, and hasn’t been tampered with. Product lines, like Pureology, which is sold at e
salon and medspa, have online statements about this diversion of products, and
recommend only buying their products at an authorized salon so that you get the true
product. Don’t risk buying a product that has been diverted, have confidence in what
you are buying and putting on your hair!

E salon and med spa has a variety of quality products that they will gladly help you
choose from. Take care of the hair and skin that you have spent time and money on
during your time at the salon and invest in the quality products that they have available!

Written By: Laura Smith