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May 9, 2016
Taking of the watersSome days I wish I could push “pause” on life. The Waters Spa Room at exhale salon (e salon and med spa) is the therapeutic escape that should be experienced by everyone.

When the weekend rolls around I crave a break from the busyness of daily life and the toll that it takes on my mind and body.

Friends, I have discovered a way to get the “pause” we need.

The “Taking of the Waters” consists of a Finnish Sauna, eucalyptus steam room, and a hot mineral immersion pool. Typically, such amenities are used during a vacation or an expensive spa day. e salon offers the the “Taking of the Waters” for $15 or complimentary with the purchase of a luxury service.

My husband and I took advantage of this opportunity in the midst of a busy weekend. When we arrived at exhale, the staff showed us to the locker rooms and offered us our choice of drinks. The beautiful, clean locker room provided me with a robe, sandals, towels, and even a bag to use for wet swimsuits.

The moment I walked into the Waters room I began to relax. Between the rock wall water feature and the eucalyptus smell that fills the air, you will feel your stress fade away.

We began in the Finnish Sauna. We let ourselves get accustomed to the dry heat for a few minutes. When we were ready to let the sweating begin, we added water to the stones. Sweating in a sauna can help your body rid itself of toxins that enter our body through everyday life. This is one time in life that I didn’t mind sweating as much in 10 minutes as one typically sweats in a day!

Next, we rinsed off in the shower. Rinsing off in the cool shower is a part of the spa’s suggested Wellness Ritual. In Europe it is customary to take a quick roll in the snow or hop in a cold lake in between sessions in a sauna. This helps close your pores, regulate your body temperature, and boosts circulation. I immediately appreciated being cooled off and felt ready to move on to the next treatment.

The Eucalyptus Steam Sauna was my favorite part of the Waters room. The moment I walked into the steam room I took a big breath of that incredible eucalyptus steam and felt the congestion in my head lift. We settled onto a bench and within a few minutes I could feel the tension that I carry in my neck and back muscles melting away.

We ended our time in the Waters room by soaking in the mineral immersion pool. The spa provides cold towels to use as you sit in the pool. Typically, I am ready to get out of a hot tub within a few minutes, but using the cold towel helped me enjoy the pool for about 20 minutes. The longer I sat in the pool, the more I noticed the nagging back pain I have felt since pregnancy fade. What a glorious feeling!

My husband and I sat in the pool, sipping our cucumber water, and marveled at how relaxed and renewed we felt. We had been in that room for about 30 minutes and yet we felt like we had been on a weekend getaway. Not only had we been able to give our bodies relief from daily pain and work, but we had been able to take time to talk and catch up in a way that rarely happens during our busy life.

The rest of the day, I felt amazing. My skin felt soft and moisturized. It felt like the products I use on my face were more effective. The cold that I felt coming on earlier that day was gone. My muscles were relaxed and more pain-free than they had been in months. I felt clear-headed and focused until I went to sleep. That night, we slept so deeply and woke up the next day feeling incredibly rested.

If you are in need of a refreshing, relaxing, and renewing break (which I think we all are) I highly recommend the “Taking of the Waters” at e salon and med spa. This unique getaway in the middle of Meridian is well worth the time!

Written By: Laura Smith

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