Spa is a place to rejuvenate and recharge

3/04/2015    By Amanda Catsaros, Medical Esthetician  exhale salon & med spa

To experience a spa treatment is a gift. The faint aroma of beautiful essences, herbal teas, soft music, skilled therapists and the sound of bubbling water. Spa is a place to rejuvenate and recharge, a place to nourish the skin and soul. But the benefits of spa treatments go beyond just nourishment and muscle relief. Spa treatments help to release an important hormone called oxytocin which helps us to feel loved, connected and blissful. Oxytocin is a hormone consisting of nine amino acids, made in the hypothalamus portion of the brain. These amino acids are then transported to and secreted by the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain. Oxytocin acts as a hormone and as a brain neurotransmitter—it is really important to our overall happiness and sense of wellbeing.

Oxytocin is released during a spa experience and is responsible for a series of benefits that go beyond relaxation, increased circulation and detoxification. So, next time you receive a spa treatment or massage, consider these added benefits:

Increased self-esteem

Faster healing (anti-inflammatory properties help to heal wounds)

Pain relief

Antidepressant—you will feel blissful

Improved digestion

Reduced anxiety

Reduced stress responses

Feelings of extraversion

Increased ability to trust

Greater psychological stability

Beneficial metabolic effects

This amazing research proves again how important it is to include regular spa treatments in your lifestyle regimen.