Micro Needling


Rejuvapen Treatment $250 or $600 for 3 treatments

A natural and holistic technique used for centuries, now perfected with modern day technology. The Rejuvapen excels at skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles while improving stretch marks. Additionally, it minimizes pore size and improves keloid, surgical, and acne scars. An excellent choice for those who desire a natural approach without harsh chemicals or lasers for an effective therapy directed at the dermis, rather than the epidermis. One to three treatments are recommended. Face or Neck area is prepared with our Kerstian Florian skincare line, and a naturally occurring hyaluronic acid is used as the lubricant for the micro-needling. Topical numbing cream is used for maximum comfort.

Rejuvapen Lip Area Only $150
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Facial $300 or $750 for 3 treatments

Micro-Needling for those who want an extremely natural experience with a boost from their own health promoting blood serum. Your blood will be drawn at the spa prior to the procedure, and the white cells will be separated from the red. Your own clear, skin rejuvenating serum will then be used as the lubricant for the procedure. The micro-needles will inject your body’s collagen promoting serum into the dermis, supercharging the skin remodeling and healing process. Topical numbing cream is used for maximum comfort. This treatment is often found in NY and LA, and is popular with celebrities, known as the “Vampire Facial”.


See the before and after images for acne scarring and wrinkles blow. Notice how Micro-Needling can tighten, firm and rejuvenate your skin!

Micro Needling