Brightening Manicure $45  (50 min) $55
A healthy twist to a regular manicure. This deluxe treatment incorporates a unique 20% multi-acid correcting peel for hand exfoliation and moisture. A hand massage follows with a hydrating mask and warm paraffin wax treatment. Polish of your choice.
Sport Manicure $30 (45 min)
Rejuvenate your busy hands! Hands are exfoliated to remove dry skin, and a hydrating mask is applied. After the masque is removed with warm towels, we treat your hands and arms to a massage. Finished with a high shine buff.
Essential Manicure $25 (30 min)
Only the essentials for the guest on the go. We use a hydrating cuticle treatment to soften your cuticles, then shape and file your nails to your desired length and shape. A hand massage follows and is then finished with your desired color.
Princess Manicure $21
This manicure is for the little princesses in your life. Young people ages 4-12 can enjoy this manicure that will include a hydrating cuticle treatment, shaping and filing the nails to the desired length. A hand massage follows, then nails are polished with a color of her choice.