Let the professionals color your hair!

My friends and I were sitting around after dinner last week discussing our plans for our fall hair colors. I told them about my plans for balayage and someone mentioned that there are now kits available for you to do this at home! The subject quickly changed to home-dyeing-horror stories and how complicated it can be to correctly color you hair on your own. We all came to the same conclusion…

Let the professionals color your hair!

Drugstores are filled with shelves of products that make us believe beautiful hair can come from that box. I admit that I have grabbed a box of hair dye on a whim after feeling bored with my look. Rarely do I get the result that I was going for! There is a reason that the people we pay to color our hair have gone through trainings and certifications for such a task.

Just because you made sure the color on the box is the exact color that you want does not mean that you will end up with that color on your head!

Stylists are trained to take various factors into consideration when determining which process to use to color hair. They look at your natural hair color, think about what processes your hair has previously undergone, your natural skin tone, the porosity of your hair, and your desired look. All of these things can change how color takes to your hair. Leave it to a professional!

Dyeing your hair means chemically altering your hair. This is true for bleach, semi-permanent, and permanent hair color. Why risk damaging your hair more than you need to? A stylist knows how to get your color right the first time, and, if necessary, can more expertly help correct your color. Similarly, this lessens the risk of using the formula wrong.

For example, I will admit that, when I had dark hair, my blonde roots would peek through and I would use a box of permanent color all over in order to fix the problem. Eventually, my hair was dull and brittle, the color was mismatched (some hair was warm, some was cool, none of it matched my skin tone,) and I had the same problem again in a few months.

Sometimes, achieving your desired look takes time and more than one treatment. Your stylist can help direct you to which products your hair needs after it is colored. They can discourage you from bleaching your hair all in one sitting because you are tired of your dark hair. Different colors sometimes require different steps and an expert can guide you through these steps.

I desperately needed an expert to help me get rid of my poorly home-colored brunette. It took months of appointments in order to lift that color from my hair. I’m so thankful I trusted a stylist rather than grabbing bleach at the store. Mostly because, if I had, I’m sure I would have no hair left on my head.

These are just a few reasons to call e salon and medspa and allow them to care for your hair. Forget the stress, mess, tired arms, and guessing game of dyeing your hair at home and leave it to the pros!

Written By: Laura Smith