Have you ever gone to the spa and come out feeling so much better? Check out Dermaplane!

Have you ever gone to the spa and come out feeling so much better than you were anticipating? I know I always feel better after a spa day, but this particular reservation introduced me to a procedure that has become a must with every future facial. About a month ago I went for my scheduled facial and as my amazing Esthetician Laci and I were talking she mentioned that one of the additional services offered was a Dermaplane. I had never heard of the procedure, so I asked what it consisted of and the benefits. After Laci’s explanation I decided to add on the service and experience the amazing befits for myself.

So, what does a Dermaplane procedure consist of? Dermaplane is a highly effective exfoliation procedure. The procedure is performed with a sterile, surgical scalpel which is used to gently remove the skin surface. The removal of the top-most layer of dead skin along with the fine, vellus hair leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. The procedure takes less than thirty minutes with no downtime needed.

Since my Dermaplane I have been asked a lot of questions on why I loved it so much and highly recommend it. The first question that everyone asks is, does it make the hair grow back thicker or darker.  Absolutely not! This is not terminal hair that is being removed it is the fine vellus hair and will grow back eventually, but no any different from what it was before. I also get asked about what other benefits the procedure offers. Since a Dermaplane also triggers cell regeneration it allows my daily skincare to work better, because the exfoliation allows my products to better penetrate the skin. It made my face feel softer than ever and my makeup goes on so smooth and even. It was amazing!

So my recommendation, get scheduled for a Dermaplane now and experience the benefits for yourself. You will be glad you did and hooked like me!