For The Men

Barber Services
Hair Cut $35+
Straight Razor Shave $25+
Hair Cut & Straight Razor Shave $50+
Facial Hair Grooming $20+
Boy’s Hair Cut (10 & Under) $20+

*All services include hot towel, neck and facial massage. Hair cut includes shampoo & condition.

Professional Color
Men’s Grey Blending $28+
Men’s Color $40+
Specialty Services
Sports Manicure $30
Sports Pedicure $55
Gentleman’s Facial $75
Gentleman’s Retreat more options $160
Get the Royal Treatment

Sultan Treatment$30+

Shape beard and mustache, hot towel, straight razor line up, face and neck massage with beard balm/tonic to finish.


Sultan treatment with head shave.


Sultan treatment w/ razor faded hair cut.

Emperor’s Treatment$65+

King cut and Sultan treatment.

King Cut$30+

Haircut, neck and shave, massage, wash and style.

Prince Cut (12 and under)$22+

Haircut, neck shave, wash and style.

Razor Fade$45+

King Cut with straight razor and hair line up.

Straight Razor Shave$25+

Hot towel, straight razor, facial massage, cold towel finishing with skin tonic.

Beard Trim$20+

Blend into hairline, beard trim, razor line up.

Royal Experience$125

Choice of Hot Stone Massage or Gentleman’s Facial with King Cut or Facial Grooming.


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