Why Tossing Expired Beauty Products is Necessary

July 31, 2015
When it comes to skin care products and cosmetics, letting go can be tough. Finding quality merchandise that works well with your skin type is often a challenge, not to mention an investment. However, if those beloved cosmetics and skin care products are expired, they can be detrimental to delicate skin.

Aesthetically speaking, dated makeup can cause streaking and alter color. Old products can also pose more harmful threats like blemishes, skin irritation, and in extreme cases, infection. Many powders, eye shadows, and lip balms have a better shelf life due to their lack of water which wards off bacterial growth. Products that contain fatty acids like cleansers and moisturizers tend to turn rancid more rapidly and eye care products like mascara and liquid eyeliner need to be treated with extra caution due to their vulnerability for bacteria.

Considering cosmetics aren’t required to have an expiration date on their packaging, purging old products can be a difficult chore to decipher. Knowing which products to toss when is less intimidating with the help of a basic outline.

Keep a sharpie at your make-up table and date the product once it’s opened. 
Close all containers and compacts after use.
Avoid using fingers/hands directly. Opt for a cotton swab,
brush or makeup pad.

Sharpen eyeliner pencils after every use.
Keep in mind that natural cosmetics and skin care products have the potential to spoil faster due to a lack of preservatives.

Guidelines for when to replace your makeup :
Foundation – 1 year
Mascara – 3 – 6 months
Concealer – 12 – 18 months
Powder – 18 months
Blush/Bronzers – 18 months
Eye Shadow – 18 months
Eyeliner – 18 months
Lip Liner – 1 year
Nail Polish – 1 year
Make-up Sponges – Wash after each use, then throw away after a month.