cuppingIf you watched men’s swimming during the Olympics this past month, or followed social media during the games, you probably heard talk about purple circles on the skin of star athletes, including Michael Phelps. Those bright spots are a result of cupping, which is nothing new to those in the world of therapeutic massage and alternative medicine, but is actually an ancient way of bringing relief to muscles. The Egyptians were experiencing it’s benefits as early as 1,550 B.C.

E salon and medspa offers cupping as an add-on to their massage treatments. I spoke with Natalie, a massage therapist at e salon and medspa about cupping. She told me that people love cupping because it is a low-impact way to bring relief to those tight trigger points- those knots where the muscle fibers have adhered together. Cupping is perfect for muscle pain in necks, backs, and legs. Natalie has seen cupping bring relief for athletes to those in chronic pain.

How it works

During a cupping session at e salon and medspa, acrylic cups are placed on the skin. As suction is created, the skin is lifted off the muscle below and the muscle is engaged and stretched. The cup is left for a few minutes, allowing time for the muscle to release and blood flow to increase, which brings healing to the muscle.

Why try it at e salon and medspa

As I have discussed cupping in preparation for this post, people have reacted with everything from anticipation to try it to skepticism and fear. People want to know that the person working on their body in such a way is the best at what they do. Talking with Natalie convinced me that you can have confidence in the massage therapists and treatments at e salon and medspa.

The therapists at e salon and medspa are licensed and have years of experience. Natalie’s passion for teaching people to de-stress is evident, and with that excitement comes expertise.

Another feature unique to e salon and medspa is the Wellness Spa Room. Clients get to experience the Taking of the Waters free with a massage treatment, and Natalie says it is perfect for after a cupping session. My experience in the Waters Room was incredibly relaxing and healing, and I highly recommend it. Taking the waters combined with massage and cupping would be the ultimate way to bring relief to your muscles.

Cupping isn’t just for star athletes and it is more than a passing fad. E salon and medpsa is a perfect place to try it. Your muscles will thank you!

Written By: Laura Smith