Nutrition and Hair

What is healthy hair? How do we get it? These questions lead us to buy products that promise to mend our hair. We buy special vitamins targeted towards hair growth. We stick to a schedule of trimming split ends and try not to color it too often. These are great habits to stick in order to care for your hair, but how can your diet affect healthy hair growth?

“To a doctor,” says dermatologist Amy McMichael, MD, “healthy hair is hair that’s growing appropriately out of every follicle, not easily broken, and connected to a healthy scalp…. it’s hair that’s…

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Summer is Wrapping Up


Summer is wrapping up, sending most of us excitedly digging out our sweaters, leggings, and boots. However, just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean we should stop looking for the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair! Idaho has incredible hot springs and gyms have indoor pools, which means our swim suits don’t ever get truly packed away.

My friends I have literally spent so much time debating the best razors for shaving bikini areas, the best creams to prevent discomfort, and the wide range of hair removal options…

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cuppingIf you watched men’s swimming during the Olympics this past month, or followed social media during the games, you probably heard talk about purple circles on the skin of star athletes, including Michael Phelps. Those bright spots are a result of cupping, which is nothing new to those in the world of therapeutic massage and alternative medicine, but is actually an ancient way of bringing relief to muscles. The Egyptians were experiencing it’s benefits as early as 1,550 B.C.

E salon and medspa offers cupping as an add-on to…

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Let the professionals color your hair!

My friends and I were sitting around after dinner last week discussing our plans for our fall hair colors. I told them about my plans for balayage and someone mentioned that there are now kits available for you to do this at home! The subject quickly changed to home-dyeing-horror stories and how complicated it can be to correctly color you hair on your own. We all came to the same conclusion…

Let the professionals color your hair!

Drugstores are filled with shelves of products that make us believe beautiful hair can come from that box. I admit that I have grabbed…

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Why buy products at a salon


Hair products are an important tool in achieving the look that we want. While it can be
convenient to toss hair products into our cart at the grocery store, the benefits of buying
hair products at a salon can be just as significant as which product you choose!

Your stylist has spent time getting to know your look as they artfully color and cut your
hair. The stylist is invested in your look and knows your hair. They know if you should
choose a gel or a mousse or which shampoo is right for your…

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Beautiful Ombre

Ombre MarkieLast week on this blog we talked about balayage, which is French for “sweep”, and the term we use to describe the freehanded technique of painting hair color on to create beautiful, natural highlights.
Ombre is a French term that means “shading.” When you hear about ombre hair, the balayage technique has been used to blend a dark hair color at the roots with a light hair color beginning around the midshaft of the hair. Usually there are no dark pieces left on the bottom of the hair.

We love this look for so many reasons!
It is…

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Keep Your Golden Glow All Year

Airbrush Tanning at e salon and med spa

A beautiful, natural-looking tan that lasts without risking damage to your skin… that is what you get when you get an airbrush tan at e salon and med spa. These are available for a great price, but this was by far the best tanning experience I have ever had at a salon!

Why get an airbrush tan at e salon and med spa?

The formula e salon and med spa uses a sugar-based formula that leaves a rich, natural, brown tan. The specially-formulated color does not leave the orange, Oompa Loompa look…

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What does that SPF number mean for you?


Did you know that there is a way to calculate how much sun protection you need? It’s true! As it turns out, choosing a sunscreen because it is cheap and smells nice then applying it once a day is not the ideal strategy for protecting your skin.

This is a calculation to help select a sunscreen product or to know when you need to reapply your sunscreen.

There is the equation you can use to figure out what that SPF means for you:

(How long you can spend in the sun before burning)…

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Young and wrinkle-free? Botox might be for you!

We all want to maintain a soft, smooth face that allows us to naturally express the emotions of life as we age. Starting Botox with an experienced, skilled injector before wrinkles develop can allow your face to look softer and younger longer.

When joy causes us to smile, surprise or worry causes us to furrow our eyebrows, pain causes us to squint our eyes, the skin naturally folds. Repeated and prolonged folding causes wrinkles that make a face appear aged. Botox relaxes the muscles that cause our skin to fold in a way that causes wrinkles.

I spoke with Jami from e Salon and Spa about…

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Beach Waves

Summer is officially here! One of my favorite things about summer is embracing effortless, easy beauty routines. Flowing dresses, sunscreen and lip gloss, and of course.. beach waves!

Beach waves are reminiscent of a relaxed vacation spent by the water, letting the wind and sun style our hair, and looking and feeling amazing. The great news is that if you can’t actually be on that vacation, you can still look like it.

We love the beach waves trend because it is easy and versatile. There are so many ways to get this look and you can adapt each strategy to fit your hair, your routine, and the…

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