Beach Waves

Summer is officially here! One of my favorite things about summer is embracing effortless, easy beauty routines. Flowing dresses, sunscreen and lip gloss, and of course.. beach waves!

Beach waves are reminiscent of a relaxed vacation spent by the water, letting the wind and sun style our hair, and looking and feeling amazing. The great news is that if you can’t actually be on that vacation, you can still look like it.

We love the beach waves trend because it is easy and versatile. There are so many ways to get this look and you can adapt each strategy to fit your hair, your routine, and the look you are going for.

Personally, as the temperature rises, my desire to spend time indoors perfecting my hair with hot tools decreases. Because of this, I embrace the beach waves that I can create with minimal heat and effort. However, when I allow my hair to air dry, I end up with stringy roots and frizzy ends (not the laid-back stylish beach girl hair that I am trying to achieve!)

Thankfully, when I got my last haircut at Exhale Salon, my stylist not only gave me a cut with layers that would look great with waves, but she helped me choose products that would create the look I wanted. So for my thick, slightly wavy hair, I use a product that combines a gel and a styling cream to give me smooth waves that move. Once my hair is dry, I use some texture powder (that she also helped me choose) to give my roots some volume.

There are thousands of tutorials online to help you style your beautiful hair into beach waves. Here is some encouragement for you as you get started!

• Talk to a stylist at Exhale Salon! They can help you choose products for your personal hair and style. From sea salt spray to gel… different products produce different results depending on your hair.
• Your hair is different than her hair! Take length, texture, thickness, and climate into account when trying different tutorial and tips.
• Remember that this is an imperfect look! Allow that to give you freedom as you try different techniques.

Written By: Laura Smith