3 Foods for Stronger Nails

August 7, 2015

Hands and feetNothing can ruin a woman’s mood faster than a broken nail. Luckily, a little smart nutritional planning can help you avoid the stress that comes with brittle nails. When you add these three foods to your diet, you’ll strengthen your nails from the inside out.

Eggs.Hair and skin cells are built mainly from a protein called keratin, but if you want healthy keratin levels and strong nails, you’ll need a diet high in protein. Eggs are a great source, and they also contain B12 – a vitamin that can stop nails from curving at the tip or becoming dull and dark.

Spinach.The same leafy greens that keep Popeye buff can also whip your nails into fighting shape. That’s because spinach is packed with calcium, iron and zinc. These substances do more than just strengthen nails – they can also prevent white lines and spots from appearing under your nail beds.

Tuna.Omega-3s are natural oils that help hair, skin and nail cells stay moisturized, and that’s important because dry nails are prone to splitting and chipping. Fatty acids can help alleviate these symptoms. Your body can’t make omega-3s on its own, so help it out by adding tuna to your diet. It’s swimming in omega-3 fatty acids, and you’ll get a big protein boost, too.

Remember, just like the rest of your body, your nails need a healthy, balanced diet to look their best; that’s yet another reason to get serious about fruits, veggies, proteins and grains. We should eat well for general health, of course, but beautiful skin, hair and nails are results you can see. Your diet affects much more than just your figure.