Keep Your Golden Glow All Year

Airbrush Tanning at e salon and med spa

A beautiful, natural-looking tan that lasts without risking damage to your skin… that is what you get when you get an airbrush tan at e salon and med spa. These are available for a great price, but this was by far the best tanning experience I have ever had at a salon!

Why get an airbrush tan at e salon and med spa?

The formula e salon and med spa uses a sugar-based formula that leaves a rich, natural, brown tan. The specially-formulated color does not leave the orange, Oompa Loompa look…

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What does that SPF number mean for you?


Did you know that there is a way to calculate how much sun protection you need? It’s true! As it turns out, choosing a sunscreen because it is cheap and smells nice then applying it once a day is not the ideal strategy for protecting your skin.

This is a calculation to help select a sunscreen product or to know when you need to reapply your sunscreen.

There is the equation you can use to figure out what that SPF means for you:

(How long you can spend in the sun before burning)…

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Young and wrinkle-free? Botox might be for you!

We all want to maintain a soft, smooth face that allows us to naturally express the emotions of life as we age. Starting Botox with an experienced, skilled injector before wrinkles develop can allow your face to look softer and younger longer.

When joy causes us to smile, surprise or worry causes us to furrow our eyebrows, pain causes us to squint our eyes, the skin naturally folds. Repeated and prolonged folding causes wrinkles that make a face appear aged. Botox relaxes the muscles that cause our skin to fold in a way that causes wrinkles.

I spoke with Jami from e Salon and Spa about…

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