Beautiful Ombre

Ombre MarkieLast week on this blog we talked about balayage, which is French for “sweep”, and the term we use to describe the freehanded technique of painting hair color on to create beautiful, natural highlights.
Ombre is a French term that means “shading.” When you hear about ombre hair, the balayage technique has been used to blend a dark hair color at the roots with a light hair color beginning around the midshaft of the hair. Usually there are no dark pieces left on the bottom of the hair.

We love this look for so many reasons!
It is bold! This is a less subtle look and will make your hair stand out! It is beautiful! The shading of colors looks incredible when your hair is curled, straight, braided, and in any style you can think of.  It is easy! It is a low maintenance way to color your hair and can look
great as it grows. It is also an easy way to try a new color without
coloring all of your hair.

It works for YOU! You can choose colors that compliment your skin
tone and brighten you up.

The stylists at e salon and medspa are trained and ready to use this
technique to help you achieve the bold, beautiful, trendy hair you have
been dreaming of. Be sure to check out e salon and med spa on
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Written By: Laura Smith