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Airbrush Tanning at e salon and med spa

A beautiful, natural-looking tan that lasts without risking damage to your skin… that is what you get when you get an airbrush tan at e salon and med spa. These are available for a great price, but this was by far the best tanning experience I have ever had at a salon!

Why get an airbrush tan at e salon and med spa?

The formula e salon and med spa uses a sugar-based formula that leaves a rich, natural, brown tan. The specially-formulated color does not leave the orange, Oompa Loompa look that we are all afraid of!

The airbrush process – Just like it sounds, the color is airbrushed onto your body. The staff is able to get the color where it needs to be and to make it look good (think, ‘contouring!’) This isn’t possible when you get a spray tan from a machine!

Something special to note here is that this is the perfect process if you are having pictures taken of your hands (for example, your wedding pictures!) The staff can help you avoid  unattractive blotches of color on your hands.

 • The staff – The people at e salon and med spa are wonderful. From talking me through the process  to wiping off streaks, they are the professionals that you want when you are having a tan sprayed all over your body!

What to consider when scheduling your airbrush tan

I was in and out of the salon in 30 minutes! I was so excited about how quick the appointment was!

The tan takes 8 hours to develop. During these 8 hours, the color gets darker and you cannot get wet. This means no showering, washing your face, sweating, or doing the dishes (bummer!) Some residue will rub off on your clothes or furniture, but happily, it comes out clean!

Your tan will last about 7 days. This varies from person to person. Typically, the more frequently you shower, the more quickly your tan will fade. Well-moisturized skin will keep the color longer as well.

**Swimming in a chlorinated pool or hot tub can cause the tan to steak and fade more quickly.

Preparing for your airbrush tan

• The day before your tan be sure to exfoliate, shave, and moisturize well.
• Avoid using moisturizer the day of your visit. This helps your skin soak in the color better.
• Wear dark, loose clothes. Some residue will rub onto your clothes. Loose clothes help minimize what rubs off. If possible, try and go without a bra (this could rub the color off after the tan.) Flip flops will help your feet stay dry and will rub off less color.
• Wear your hair up or bring a hair tie.
• During your tan you can choose to wear a swimsuit, underwear, or to wear nothing. Just remember that whatever clothes you wear will get color on them (and not on the skin underneath!)

During my airbrush tan

My tan was done by Lori, one of the owners of e salon and med spa. She walked me through my color options (light, medium, and dark.) I settled on medium, which looked wonderful and natural on my light skin. She showed me how to use a lotion on the areas that I didn’t want the color to collect, like my knuckles, the palms or my hands, and the bottom of my feet. (Don’t be shy with this lotion! You really don’t want the color to blotch on your hands and feet.)

During the airbrushing, Lori posed me in different positions in order to get the color even and everywhere. She was able to see where I had folded my elbow and put my arms down too early, causing the color to collect (don’t do that!) and was able to correct it. Lori was so professional and easy to talk with as she did my tan, which made the appointment more comfortable and fun!

Once I was tan…

The rest of the day, I watched the color develop on my skin. I stuck to the plan and didn’t let my skin get wet or sweaty. Eight hours later, the color was very dark and I was ready to shower!

The color that was left was beautiful! I was thrilled! I put on a white dress with confidence and headed out with my husband looking like I had just gotten back from a Mediterranean vacation.

I loved how my skin looked for the next week! I got so many compliments on how healthy I looked and comments about how I looked like I had been having fun outside. Personally, I love how a good tan makes my hair, clothes, and skin look. I especially love that this tan came without risking damage to my skin. It was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend!

Author: Laura Smith